Friday, August 20, 2010

I finished!

Have you ever taken on a major challenge such as remodeling an old house or running a marathon? Doesn't it feel incredible when the rooms are all done or you cross the finish line? Okay, I'd feel horrible at the end of a marathon, but the sense of satisfaction would be amazing. I remember when I decided to earn my BSA "mile swim" award in a freezing cold lake. I worked up to it over the summer. When I finally finished that swim, my body was so numb I don't know how I was still swimming, but I was absolutely ecstatic about finishing. When I finally got feeling back enough to walk, I was walking on air.

Well, I'm pretty excited today because I finished my year on the "12 steps to whole foods" nutrition program. Last year my GreenSmoothieGirl nutrition ranking on a scale of 1-100 was 23. I was eating no fruits or *vegetables unless you count spaghetti sauce and I ate half a box of granola bars a day. This year I'm at 76 and I feel much better.

*Let me amend that statement. We ate a TON of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and zuchinni from the garden last August. I'm referring to all the other months of the year where all we had were a few spoonfuls of frozen veggies for dinner once a week.


Becky and the Boys said...

That is impressive! I haven't accomplished anything noteworthy in years. I need to do something (anything!)

Just Me said...

Congratulations on your dedication and improvement.