Monday, July 5, 2010

One Year Old Birthday

Gears, Gadgets, and Electrical Outlet Cake

As always he went straight for the plug, even if it was just frosting...

That was a pretty yummy chocolate cake...

This little toy was regifted to baby D, but he didn't care, all those buttons were fascinating.

When I blogged my last one year old birthday I included a long list of all the horrible things my one year old had eaten so far. I am glad to say that this time there is no list. Every baby is different and D isn't inclined to eat pencil erasers and sequins and such. Rather he loves turning off the compouter when you're halfway through a blog post, he loves plastic bags, electrical outlets, toilets, vacuums, cell phones, remote controls, and daddy's grill tongs.

D is a great eater, he likes pretty much everything unless it is bland like toast or plain pasta. His favorite thing is green smoothie, (not to push an agenda, it really is). We decided hawaiian haystacks seemed like his favorite dinner, so that is what we had on his birthday. He got a little baby couch for his gift which is the traditional gift for a one year old in our family.

D has 9 teeth, he says mama, dada, more, and tickle. He has attempted saying the names of his siblings, fan, and love. He learned how to crawl at 11 months and now he walks around holding on to walls all day long. This kid wants to walk.

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Anne said...

So cute! I want to hug him. Great job on that cake! It looked fantastic. I think it is hilarious that he loves plugs and went straight for it. How adorable.