Sunday, July 27, 2008

My silly 4 year old

Uncle J was visiting the other day and went outside for a smoke break. J went rushing out the door behind him and we called him to come back in the house. "Don't worry he yelled back, I won't breathe in!", now where have I heard that line before???

J was coughing during AP's birthday party and we asked him to cover his mouth, "okay" he said smearing a large scoop of frosting across his mouth, "is that better?"

J with a little help from me made dinner last night with an all new J-recipe. Sister gave it absolutely rave reviews. He was beaming with the praise and said, okay, I am ready for my own cooking show, lets call the tv station. Not surprisingly, we had a special recipe made by sister for dinner tonight. Bowtie pasta with white sauce...

J's Noodle Soup
1 Tbs butter (I add butter to kid foods and take it out of adult foods)
2 Cups cold water
1/2 Tbs cornstarch
1 packet chicken flavored ramen seasoning OR 2 tsp chicken boullion powder

bring to a boil, and add
1/4 bag egg noodles

cook 8 minutes. Then add
1 Cup frozen veggies

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