Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A few snapshots from this summer...

Art projects. What can you make with a small paper plate, brown string, and 3 squares of tissue paper? (a nature scene and a model hot-air balloon.)

I made this sling and its really nice. I don't use it much except at the library and days in the park like this one though.
Army crawlin' through the grass, but won't let go of the baby food!
My work of art, "treasure chest cake" for J's fourth birthday

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Queeey said...

I love the treasure chest cake. What a cool idea! I have a couple of slings and I love them especially for the first 8-9 months (then my kids get too heavy and I switch to my Ergo backpack). I use my sling at church or any outing, no heavy baby carriers for me, my kids weigh enough on their own. ;) Glad your having a fun summer.