Tuesday, March 28, 2017

J is for Jump! Letter J Preschool Day.

We had fun learning about the candy-cane-shaped letter and even ate peppermints, since taste is one of my favorite senses to learn through!

Cutting Jello Jigglers with tiny playdough cookie cutters.  This was a five star "craft" because the kids could do it all by themselves.

Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Quick, Jack Jump over the candle stick (nursery rhyme of the week)

picture from inkablinka.comJingle Jewelry

And we turned my livingroom into a jungle for toy time with blankets and jungle stuffed animals.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Code of the Wolf-Den Party

A Numbers Den Party!
I am a new den leader, but the last den leader had been giving the boys points for good behavior, uniforms, and being on time.  They had just earned their party, so we did a Numbers party from the Code of the Wolf badge.

For the gathering activity we played "Go Fish for 10's".  I had set it up with numbers 1 through 9 in my skip-bo deck.  The wilds counted for the number 5 so that we could have more matches.  It took a minute to get the hang of adding up the NUMBERS to equal ten, but was fun once we got going.  We played until everyone got all their matches since they all wanted to win.  It seemed to make everyone happy.

I bought one mini-golf set and one package of plastic golf balls at the dollar store for the next activity.  I pulled out tape, markers, tons of cups, old cardboard boxes, and some old bookshelves I had lying around and told them to make a game that used numbers for keeping score.  This was so much fun, I actually had to make them stop because they spent almost the whole hour on it and I wanted to have time for treats!  I was inspired by the EPIC Dollar Store DIY Mini Golf video on youtube.  We played epic action music for the boys while they played their games and cheered them on it was very entertaining.  I have three kids of my own at den meetings, so that is who you mostly see in the pictures.  Have plenty of paper and pencils available for them to keep score on, because if they are like my scouts, they will love adding up the NUMBERS on their games! I let each boy take home the pieces for his game and a golf ball.


M&M decorated cupcakes!
Each boy sorted and counted his M&M's.  Then I quickly drew this chart with the totals for all the kid's bags put together so we could predict the NUMBERS in the last bag (I divided by 6 to help them predict).  Then we frosted and decorated cupcakes.

The next two activities are PATTERNS rather than NUMBERS:

Den Meeting #2 for this badge

For this activity I had written in Pig Pen code something that I like to collect and they each had to decipher it.  Then I showed them what it was once they figured it out.  (It was a set of mini-figures).  Then I had each of them write something they like to collect in pig pen for me or the other leader to decipher.  They wrote: plushies, rocks, and hugs!

Last we went outside to find a few shapes in nature.  I had cut out tangram shapes for the boys to make their favorite animal with and had some instructions and we ended up googling a few animals that weren't on my list as well!  We glued them on white cardstock to take home and share.

Image from Boyslife.org
We also had time to work on some other requirements from another badge.