Saturday, September 24, 2016

Teaching the Art Merit Badge

Requirement #4
sketch paper, water color paper, brushes, water jars, paper plates/palettes, pencils, erasers, acryclic paints, water color paints, charcoal (or pastels).  Simple objects to draw like fruit, or basic drawing tutorials.

Render a subject in four different mediums:
pencil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal!

Requirement #1a
What is art?
1b the importance of art to humankind...

1c "How does art make you feel?"

Requirements #2 and #3 see the free ABC's of Art booklets at
I also love this poster!

Requirement #5
Design a Logo, explain what it means, put it on Scout equipment, furniture, ceramics, or fabric.

Our boys put logos on ceramic mugs, drawstring bags, t-shirts, camping pillowcases, and even a binder.  We used acrylics, fabric marker, and sharpies.  The notebook was done with vinyl.

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