Saturday, July 16, 2016

Arrow of Light Awards

We just finished our first year on the new program and we have two Arrow of Lights to award. I wish we had done this last year when my son got his, because they look really cool.  We started the year with 6 boys and one den and now we are up to 13.  We have a Webelos/Bear den and a Wolf den.  Because we were combined, our Webelos earned their Arrow of Light in about 9 months because they were doing Wolf and Bear stuff the first few months, I am so impressed with the boys and their den leaders for getting everything done!

Color bands:
purple or light blue=bobcat
green or navy=webelos
yellow, tan, blue=arrow of light

How I made my arrows:
I cut the dowel in half with a saw and then notched the ends for the arrowhead with the pocked knife.  I glued the jute and the arrowheads on with wood glue.  I cut the duck feathers in half with the exacto knife  to make fletchings and glued them on with hot glue.  I added more jute to the end of the arrow.  I painted the colorbands on paper and then mode podged them on, the advantage of paper is that I could have used marker instead of paint and I can get the lines straighter.  You could just thin out white glue if you don't have modge podge to accomplish about the same effect.  The fletchings were the hard part since they aren't straighte and don't want to be glued into a straight line, maybe I needed two people for that part.  Oh well, they look nice now they are all done.

arrowheads=$4.99 (for five on amazon or just find a flat rock and make your own)
duck feathers=$4.81(for 22 on Amazon, not all the feathers were usable this was probably enough for 4 arrows)
dowels=$0.59 at Hobby Lobby

I had everything else at home, so these arrows cost me about $5.50 each.

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