Monday, April 18, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Door Decorations

I was just thinking as I finished up a door decoration for my daughter's class that I've done nine of these wall sized art projects over the years and it is a shame I haven't taken many pictures of them. I did find some of my ideas on the computer though.  So my blog entry today is just my ideas over the years for door decorations.  I usually pick the ideas based on something I know about the teacher or the class.  Most of my sketches are pretty rough, I wish I had more pictures:(  Most of the door decorations have cutouts for the kids to write their names on thats what all the little cutouts are in the pictures.  For the ninja one we wrote all the names on the background in ninja script, it was a lot of fun.  For the teacher that liked Hawaii, we took pictures of all the kids in the class surfing and put them on surfboards instead of writing their names.  The fishing boat was the first one I ever did and a friend helped me, it was cuter than the picture.  One teacher had a zoo theme all year so we did a monkey.  Another teacher liked to play the guitar so we put a guitar on her door.  One teacher had a VERY rambunctious class that was always getting "carried away", so we did the ant picnic for her.  This year I just did pop art because I like pop art and I'm about out of ideas.

their names on.