Monday, February 2, 2015

Cub Scout Adventure Requirements and Faith in God

Faith in God Tracking Sheet for Cub scouts 
See booklet for details on each activity
The religious emblem requirements are highlighted in yellow.  It is optional as a Wolf, but required for Bear rank advancement.  Other Faith in God activities can be incorporated into cub scouting adventures. See suggestions

Scout's name:                                                         

Learning and Living the Gospel                                          Age:
FHE sacrament renewing baptismal covenants

Wolf Duty to God 
Joseph Smith FHE, answers to our prayers

Bear Fellowship ...
Learn to mark scriptures, Holy Ghost

A pack night on reverence
Read Prophets talk, decide how to follow

Webelos Duty to God and You 
Give an opening and closing prayer

Bear Fellowship..
Tell about faith (Nephi building boat, Jaredites, 1st Christmas in America, etc)

Bear Fellowship... (Christmas Den Meeting)
Read and Discuss the Word of Wisdom

Webelos Cast Iron Chef, 
Prepare a Pedigree chart, tell family history story

Bear Fellowship... 
Learn to sing "Choose the Right"

Wolf Duty to God 
Create own learning and living the gospel activity

Serving Others
Good Samaritan, plan & complete service proj.

Wolf Council Fire 
Write letter of appreciation to parent or teacher

Bear Grin and Bear it, November gathering activity
List qualities you like in a person

A pack night on kindness, February gathering activity
Plan, prepare, and serve a nutritious meal

Bear Picnic Basket
Entertain young children

Bear Grin and Bear it , Webelos Str, F, H 
Learn/practice manners and courtesy

Pack night on courtesy
Plan and hold a parent child activity

Help plan Blue and Gold or Pinewood Derby.
12th article of faith- good citizen

Bear Paws, AOL Building Better World 
Help with a quarterly primary activity (pack night)

Pack Nights
Create your own service activity

Bear Paws for Action 
Developing Talents
Learn to budget and save money

(Tithing) Wolf Coins Bear Picnic Basket, (budget) AOL Bldng Btr Wrld 
Sing, play, or lead a song from the Children's Songbook

Bear Necessities 
Write a poem or short story about gospel creation

Wolf Howling at the moon, Bear Nec 

Create a piece of art (draw, sculpt, paint, etc.)

Bear Claws, Baloo the Builder

Visit an art museum or a concert or play

Wolf Collections and hobbies 
Read about improving study habits

Helping around home/obeying parents

A pack night on obedience, Germs Alive, Project Family
Plan and participate in a month long fitness program

Webelos Stronger, Faster, Higher
Learn/Practice good nutrition, health, grooming

Wolf Germs Alive, Running with the Pack, Faster Higher Stronger.
Create your own activity to develop talents

Wolf Paws on the Path, Wolf Grow Something, Bear Baloo the Builder

Preparing for the Priesthood

Learn about the restoration of the Aaronic priesthood

Learn the purposes of the Aaronic priesthood

Talk with the Deacons quorum presidency

Learn about good education

Read the Family Proclamation to the world

Record your testimony

Memorize and recite the Articles of Faith

12 13

Primary Program for Webelos Duty to God 2 a,b,c?
Memorize Article of faith for Webelos Duty to God and you 2.d?
Record Testimony, read scriptures, pray daily, live My Gospel Standards AOL Duty to God in Action

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