Friday, July 18, 2014

Cheap DIY Scrimmage Vests for Soccer

I coach my daughter's rec soccer team.  We have a super short season and I'm a volunteer, but I find myself constantly wishing I had scrimmage vests at soccer practice.  Every time we scrimmage the girls get really confused about who is on what team and I have a hard time coaching because I can't tell either.

We only have a handful of practices and scrimmage time is pretty short, so if I'm gonna have scrimmage vests they need to be practically free, not $5-6 dollars each!!!

I usually have 13-14 girls on a team and the most I've ever had at a practice is 13, so I figure 6 scrimmage vests should cover it.  I bought 3 mesh laundry bags at Dollar Tree.  Cut them in half and cut arm and neck holes.  I sewed anywhere that that came unraveled from cutting and voila, 6 scrimmage vests.  3 even have fancy drawstring hems.  This takes almost no time at all.  Love it.
Note these are crop top length, super cheap, but a bit small.

For a more comfortable vest, you could buy six laundry bags, cut off the top third to make the vests t-shirt length, then you sew the top closed.  Finish by cutting neck and arm holes.

Update: I have now used these super cheap vests two seasons.  The girls have stretched and pulled and mishapen them,  they are pretty ragged now, but they get the job done and I still like how cheap they are!

You do have to sew a seam on the second vest and a few other places to avoid fraying, sorry about the sewing:(  (you could probably glue it instead with good fabric glue)

neck 9 inches (perhaps a smaller neck for younger kids than 5th/6th grade)
arms 8 inches

no hemming, just fast and easy, lets go play!