Thursday, November 4, 2010

Making an Ahsoka Costume part 2

First, I made Ahsoka's headtails. Basically it is an ivory jester hat with one tail fatter and longer and blue stripes glued on it. We use crushed panne fabric. A cheap, easy to sew on fabric that is easy to find at halloween. To finish this costume, we glued the gold halo part onto the headtails. Then for the dress I picked up a long sleeve orange shirt at a thrift store and sewed a maroon skirt onto the bottom. (The skirt is one and a half times the length of the t-shirt and then gathered.) To gather I sewed a wide stitch across the top leaving long pieces of thread at the ends. Gently pull one of the threads tight to gather the material to the proper length then sew it into a tube. Then sew the tube onto the skirt. (For Ahsoka's top I sewed that onto the t-shirt as well. It didn't have stretch so on the back I left about an inch gap in the tube top so it would stretch when my daughter put it on. We lucked out and found some floral print purple fabric on clearance that looked right for the belt. I had been planning on painting the floral print on lavendar fabric. The belt buckle is gold fabric glued onto cardboard with a pin glued on the back so we could pin it onto the dress. We just glued velcro onto suedcloth for the arms and legs, but this was a pain, I'd skip it or find another way if I did it again. I think the most comfortable would be to attach the gauntlets to tights and t-shirto, so they slide on and stay on easily. I did make a belt too, but it wasn't comfortable enough, so my daughter didn't wear it. This costume was a big hit with all the clone wars fans at school.

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