Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jango Fett Birthday Cake

Opening the frozen buttercream transfer

Jango Fett Cake

Two Cakes! My primary teacher is a cake decorator!

How to do a frozen butter cream transfer (FBCT)
step 1, draw your picture with a sharpie on some wax paper. You can trace an 8 1/2 x 11 picture and it fits nicely on a regular sized cake.
step 2 turn the wax paper tracing over so the frosting doesn't touch the lines you drew and place it on a cookie sheet. Then trace all the lines with chocolate frosting using a fine point cake decorating tip. Put it in the freezer.
step 3 Mix all the colors of frosting your design requires.
Since every cake I do seems to require gray I've found that gray is 1 drop red, 1 drop blue, 1 drop green. For brown just use chocolate frosting.
step 4 Pull the transfer out of the freezer and fill in all the colors. Whenever I am busy changing frosting colors I just set the transfer back in the freezer,every few minutes helps. After filling in a color use a knife or spatula to smooth out the frosting and press it down this helps fill in holes that may not be visible.
step 5 take some plain white frosting spread it on top of everything you just did, yep, cover everything (just like frosting a cake). I sometimes skip this step, but if you do it the final result is much nicer.
step 6 freeze for a few hours until it is hard. Then you can lift up the wax paper for a peek or to set on top of a cake. Make sure before setting this on a cake that the cake is cool.

This takes awhile, but has been a good family activity since the kids like to watch me mix colors and squirt all that frosting on the picture.

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Anne said...

Nice transfer cake! How exactly do you do that?