Monday, May 24, 2010

End of the School Year

Yep it is here already.
I've really enjoyed having J in afternoon kindergarten. J feels the same as I do. The other day he said
"Mom, don't you wish they had afternoon first grade?"
"Yep, I said, I'd sign you up in a minute" J is so not an earlybird bird!

At kindergarten graduation, the teachers give all the kids an award having to do with their area of expertise such as future stuntman, future entymologist, etc. I asked J if there was such thing as a Star Wars award. Sure enough, J got the Star Wars expertise award because his teacher says he knows the layout of every star wars ship, he frequently sings the star wars theme song while doing his work, and he seems to be a just a little bit obsessed...
We are trying to branch out, he is now a big fan of Clone Wars too. Seriously though, he recently enjoyed reading a history of dirigibles and he says he wants to read every book in the library on volcanoes.

Here are two very short clips from AJ's program for the grandparents to see: the BLT song and AJ's narration.

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Stacy said...

We have a few Star Wars Clone Wars DVD's. If you don't have them, maybe Josh could watch them for a few days while you're teaching your class.