Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thundercats Candy

We made these for a friends Thundercats Birthday Party. Thundercats is an old 80's cartoon in case it isn't ringing any bells for you. The main character is Lion-0 (Peach-O's) along with Panthera (popcorn), Tygra (chedder mix), Cheetara (Cheetohs), Wily Kat (KitKat), Jaga (Mamba), and Snarf (Snickers).

To do this craft:
1. scan the product label
2. photoshop new label and print.
3. cut out new words and tape it on with packing tape
4. use pictures not words for kids who don't read yet.


Beth said...

These are AMAZING. My daughter wants a Thundercats birthday party this year for her 5th birthday. I'd love to do this. Do you have the JPGs saved? If so, would you be willing to share them with me? I would be so grateful (as my computer is to ancient to use Photoshop). if this is possible, my email is mbethwilliamsATgmailDOTcom

Regina said...

I have these labels in a pdf, if you want a copy leave contact info in a comment, I moderate comments, so I won't publish your email address.

Regina said...

Yes, I'm still sending these pdf's to people! Thanks for your interest.