Thursday, January 7, 2010

May I Ask Who's Calling?

This isn't a funny post. I just wanted to remind everyone that the Golden Rule applies on the phone as well as any other situation. We recently got a new phone service and since our name sometimes doesn't show up on caller ID lots of people we thought were nice have been rude on the phone with us.

If you choose to answer an unidentified call remember, growling
"WHO IS THIS?" is not good manners, shame on you!

1)It might be a neighbor on a cell phone (me) and they won't be impressed.

2)If it is a computerized dialer, you will have plenty of time to hang up before a real person comes on the line without being rude.

3)If it is a real person, you should always be nice, say "no thankyou!" with a smile, they can hear it in your voice. If they press on, you may hang up, you tried!


Liss said...

i agree!!! i've found that simple etiquette just doesn't translate to anything digital anymore. my pet peeve is that people don't really respond to emails, whether or not they _really_ need a response, how else do i know you got it (and it didn't go to the junk mail....or i'm being ignored??)
maybe everyone should be required to read emily post....

Regina said...


Becky and the Boys said...

That stinks!

Andrea said...

What about people who call back every number in their caller ID? Some people demand to know who is calling them and why. I don't get it.