Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Rice Party

I think I started blogging with a rice party two years ago, and here is another one. Little D had his rice party over Christmas vacation. Rice party in our family is the baby’s very first food. We give them rice cereal and we eat rice too. We had Rice-a-roni, Quakes (chips made from rice cakes, yum), and Scotcharoos (butterscotch and chocolate rice crispy treats, to die for!). The highlight of Rice Party is the fortune telling game. We put a tray in front of baby with symbolic items of future career paths. First, D chose a cell phone which symbolizes a career in information technology and then with his other hand (because who has just one career path now days) a book, which symbolizes higher education. I can live with that. Go little D!

The Stuff
which symbolizes:
the arts, information technology, higher education, engineering, medicine, and business/finance

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