Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Bottle...

This was my water, but he surprised me by helping himself.

Monday, January 18, 2010


AJ was learning about homonyms at school this week and we were trying to come up with examples. Well little AP, our two year old presented a few just today for me to decipher...

1) cereal
2) squirrel

1) pickles
2) bagels

ice age
1) a great animated film by 20th Century Fox
2) a greenish gray color

She often wants swoyall for breakfast and then she wants to play swoyall and dinosaur like in the movie (Ice Age). She wanted pbiggles (bagels) not pbiggles (pickles, what J was having) for lunch which seemed a hard request at first until she mentioned cream cheese and she wanted to wear her ice age diaper, which one was that oh, the sage colored one!.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

May I Ask Who's Calling?

This isn't a funny post. I just wanted to remind everyone that the Golden Rule applies on the phone as well as any other situation. We recently got a new phone service and since our name sometimes doesn't show up on caller ID lots of people we thought were nice have been rude on the phone with us.

If you choose to answer an unidentified call remember, growling
"WHO IS THIS?" is not good manners, shame on you!

1)It might be a neighbor on a cell phone (me) and they won't be impressed.

2)If it is a computerized dialer, you will have plenty of time to hang up before a real person comes on the line without being rude.

3)If it is a real person, you should always be nice, say "no thankyou!" with a smile, they can hear it in your voice. If they press on, you may hang up, you tried!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Eve

Our New Years checkers game doubled as AP's snack tray...

We snacked, played games, danced to Auld Lang Syne, snapped improptu mugshots of everyone, and interviewed each other about our year.

excerpts from the interviews...
most listened to music Weezer and Cake,
favorite places he went “They Might Be Giants” concert, USA vs El Slavador World Cup Qualifier.
Enjoyed doing reservoir surveys for work.
most listened to music Tabernacle Choir and Thompson’s Lament (Celtic).
favorite thing to eat green smoothies and brownies,
I enjoyed when D was born, enjoyed seeing all my cousins at Thanksgiving, the Young Ambassadors show, and shopping at Sunflower Market.
Favorite book “A Wedding For Wiglaf” from the Series Dragon Slayers Academy,
favorite toy, art kits,
favorite school subjects singing and art.
Favorite foods craisin/cheese/spinach salad and turkey noodle soup.
Most listened to music ABBA.
Favorite books The Complete Star Wars Ships cross-sections, and Star Wars Lego Visual Dictionary.
Most listened to music, Star Wars-the imperial march,
favorite food pizza and apples,
favorite place he went-Festival of Trees.
Favorite toys baby doll, “Barney” doll, and leopard puppet,
favorite place she went was grandma’s house,
favorite movies Barney’s adventure bus and Wall-E.
little D-Glad to be born, 4 teeth, 21.4 lbs, especially enjoyed playing with jingle bells,
favorite thing to eat-mostly just interested in the tablecloth.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Rice Party

I think I started blogging with a rice party two years ago, and here is another one. Little D had his rice party over Christmas vacation. Rice party in our family is the baby’s very first food. We give them rice cereal and we eat rice too. We had Rice-a-roni, Quakes (chips made from rice cakes, yum), and Scotcharoos (butterscotch and chocolate rice crispy treats, to die for!). The highlight of Rice Party is the fortune telling game. We put a tray in front of baby with symbolic items of future career paths. First, D chose a cell phone which symbolizes a career in information technology and then with his other hand (because who has just one career path now days) a book, which symbolizes higher education. I can live with that. Go little D!

The Stuff
which symbolizes:
the arts, information technology, higher education, engineering, medicine, and business/finance

Friday, January 1, 2010

Singing Christmas Songs

I caught AP singing at the piano the other night... Her favorite is All Creatures of Our God and King. In this video she sings her version of "The Little Drummer Boy" and "Angels We Have Heard On High"