Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beauty is...

2009 Reflections Contest

AJ "Beauty is: Fairies, they have gorgeous wings and are magical and stuff..."
First place k-2nd grade. She also won first place in literature. Congrats!

J "Beauty is: Yoda" probably not a legal entry, but all he can think about is Star Wars right now.

These pears are beautiful to me. They were canned just the hour when they reached perfectly ripe, with the peals still on, in a water and stevia syrup. So they are a wholefood with no sugar added and they taste like fresh pears instead of sugar water, yummy!


Stacy said...

Beauty is Yoda! That's funny!
What is stevia syrup?

Regina said...

I don't think Stevia preserves the fruit the way sugar does. I followed the directions for canning fruit in water using Fruit Fresh as my preservative I added about 1 drop of stevia for every cup of water maybe a few more.