Friday, October 2, 2009

AJ's birthday photo-journal

I chose a peach and spinach smoothie for breakfast

Since mom is documenting smoothie stuff, we pose with a number 7 candle. Smoothies are good for 7-year olds.

Add this one to your blog mom, please!

The rest of my birthday breakfast is cornbread muffins, Yum!

Then I watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and hold my baby brother.

After church, we add the finishing touches to my ice cream cake. We call it the "Leaning Tower O' Cake"

It is an ice cream cake with oreo ice cream, cookie dough ice cream, ganache, reeses peanut butter cups, and sixlets. I've been planning this cake since June. Mom says its totally not on her diet, but she eats some anyway. I used the leftover ganache on strawberries from the garden. So fancy!

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