Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zoo, Hair, Sleeping Well, and Gallbladder

Inexpensive Daytrip:

We went to the Willow Park Zoo in Logan last Tuesday. It was so much fun. We were there four hours including lunch and time at the playground. Zoo Admission for all of us: $2.00

First time:

Yesterday before we went out to do errands I looked at AP and to my surprise I realized her hair was a mess. She's never had enough hair before to worry about. I suggested we brush her hair before going out. She lit up like a christmas tree. She got all the supplies and sat down on the stairs like she has seen big sister do. Finally, for the first real time in her life, 25 months old, she got her hair brushed.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child:

This book has helped me a lot and I usually keep it on my nightstand during baby's first year, but finally, with my fourth baby, I don't need it. If only all babies slept like this one!


If your baby is easy, there has to be something to challenge you. Mine is gallbladder. I've had two attacks (15 hours each) in the last three weeks. No fun, wipes me out.


Liss said...

ouch, sorry to hear about your gallbladder. hopefully it resolves soon! (and painlessly, can we hope?)

Andrea said...

Congrats AP on a real hair brushing session. Little E will be excited for that one too. Sorry about the gallbladder. Fat-free bean burritos was about all I could eat by the time they decided to take mine out. I really don't miss it much. Good luck!