Thursday, May 14, 2009

Does this count as nesting?

So, I'm six weeks away from my due date, definitely time to nest. And these are my projects.

Planning a Star Wars day for J on his birthday, four weeks away. Star Wars is too fun of a theme to pass up and he loves it right now. I want to make a yoda cake, have light saber contests, water balloon the death star, and shoot down battle droids.

Fun Stuff
Planning lots of activities for the older kids to do during the summer, fun things to cook, paint, cut & paste, field trips, park days, swimming time, and of course our own summer reading program. Organizing all this is taking time, it has to be easy and organized once the baby comes!!!

Now, it would be wise to spring clean the house, make freezer dinners, clean out the junk drawers, dig my baby clothes out of storage, sew a baby blanket, get the bassinet ready, etc, but the traditional projects just aren't getting attention. Does this count as nesting?


Stacy said...

What are you doing for your summer reading program?
You sound busy. We're not doing much around here, just hoping that I'll want to eat again someday.

Anonymous said...

good for you for nesting, in any form. make sure you pamper yourself these last few weeks! make dwight let you take naps whenever he's home (or whatever else you want to to do pamper yourself)

Regina said...

Our summer reading program is the same as last year, so thats easy, Josh is learning lowercase letters and then sentences. He gets treats whenever he practices.

Amelia reads pretty well, so she is going to be learning to read music with the "teaching little fingers to play" book. She earns the same treats as josh. Mostly little things like fruit snacks for every 5 or 10 minutes here and there.