Thursday, May 14, 2009

Does this count as nesting?

So, I'm six weeks away from my due date, definitely time to nest. And these are my projects.

Planning a Star Wars day for J on his birthday, four weeks away. Star Wars is too fun of a theme to pass up and he loves it right now. I want to make a yoda cake, have light saber contests, water balloon the death star, and shoot down battle droids.

Fun Stuff
Planning lots of activities for the older kids to do during the summer, fun things to cook, paint, cut & paste, field trips, park days, swimming time, and of course our own summer reading program. Organizing all this is taking time, it has to be easy and organized once the baby comes!!!

Now, it would be wise to spring clean the house, make freezer dinners, clean out the junk drawers, dig my baby clothes out of storage, sew a baby blanket, get the bassinet ready, etc, but the traditional projects just aren't getting attention. Does this count as nesting?

Mother's Day Surpise

One of our local boys is serving a mission in Dallas Texas. Missionaries now live in members homes and he happens to be living at my Parents house. My family delivered a very special mother's day bouquet to his mom during his Mother's Day phone call. She was so surprised, all smiles and a few tears too of course. He even remembered her favorite flower, a white daisy. It was fun to get my kids involved in honoring this missionary mom!

Pond Scum

21 months old

I organize EC/Cloth Diaper Meetings
Tuesday morning I had a cloth diaper moms playgroup which I very recently started organizing for for Moms throughout all of Utah. I was enjoying show and tell with my fluffy diapers and cute little wet bag, little did I know that wet bag would soon be put to the test.

She jumps in the duck pond, ick!
That afternoon, we went to Salem Pond for lunch and to feed the ducks. There were about 500 kids there for school field day and I enjoyed how AP interacted with them really well. She is turning out to be quite outgoing. Then it happened. She saw a tiny pond about 3x9 feet and about 1 1/2 feet deep. It was covered with moss and pond scum, she thought it look really fun, just her size. She went running for it. I ran after her, but she was determined to take a swim and in she went, fully clothed. She was scared for a second, but I fished her out and she was fine despite looking and smelling like the loch ness monster.

Her cloth diaper and wet bag save the day
I took off all her dripping wet mossy clothes and was able to quickly hide all traces of the disaster away in the wet bag, it saved the day! With the mess managed, J and AJ were able to stay a bit longer to play and feed ducks. Luckily AP's diaper was still dry underneath (thumbs up on the diaper cover). It was all she had left to wear, but it was cute! I remembered what a disposable diaper would have looked like after it exploded from trying to absorb all the pond scum and was grateful that wasn't part of the mess. Anyway, sometimes cloth diapering comes in handy in the most unexpected ways.