Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Names

Ever since I rescued my mom's baby name book from the garbage, I've been in love with thinking up baby names. The thing that never ceases to amaze me is how everyone always thinks up the same names at the same time no matter how creative they think they are being. For example I've been bugging Dwight to like the name Dylan for our new baby, but last week my neighbor had a baby boy and guess what his name was...Dylan of course. For my last daughter I had my heart set on Sophie from day one, but as I watched the name Sophie soar to number # on popular name charts I went off in search of something else. My mother knows this well as she picked my sisters name early on and sure enough the neighbor who had a baby girl a few months earlier picked the same name! A few years ago we had baby blessings two months in a row for babies named Bailey. Anyway, I think its more important than anything else to love the name you pick than to be exotic. My son's name was the most popular name in the country the year he was born and I always tell him, I gave him the very best name there was, nothing less would do. My daughter's name was relatively unknown six years ago and now it is in the top ten on one of the coolest baby name websites, it is in the top 50 on all the sites.

Here are the names that were popular on Nymbler in February 2009:
Top 10 favorite names:
1. Ava (Same)
2. Ella (+1)
3. Charlotte (-1)
4. Jack (Same)
5. Claire (+1)
6. Grace (+3)
7. Amelia (Same)
8. Avery (+2)
9. Benjamin (-4)
10. Finn (New)


Anonymous said...

this is a fun website:
sadly enough, i haven't ever really used it as a parent. i used it a LOT with my students' names, wondering where the heck parents came up with names and aghast that those names were actually popular.......

Becky and the Boys said...

I agree; there are lots of names I love, that someone in the family has used, or someone in the ward or whatever, so that kind of makes them unusable. We're still wondering what to name this guy, but still have time. I'm looking into the website you mentioned...

deeanna said...

We've been wanting to name a baby Rachel after my husbands grandmother, but we've only had boys since we decided that...and then my sister-in-law had a little girl a month ago, and they named her Rachel, of course! The last two names we picked in the hospital. We stumbled on them and they just clicked, popular or not!

Andrea said...

Finn? Isn't that the name of the little brother in Dragon Tales. I don't think too many parents who had toddlers who watched that show could choose that name.

I've decided I'm no good for coming up with names when I'm pregnant (or in the hospital postpartum). I try to find names between pregnancies now.