Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 3, 2009: 23 weeks along

I am about 23 weeks pregnant. Yesterday A said, hey Mom you are starting to get a baby bump. Yep, I started really showing in the last few weeks. I have collected a bunch of fluffy newborn diapers. This kid is going to be pampered.

Lip-smacking good!
little a always asks for food first thing in the morning. Usually she asks for snacks, sometimes pizza if we had it for dinner, the other day she asked for lipgloss...

Family at the Draper temple openhouse

Big A and friends, the Dancing Queens

little A’s favorite clothes: she has several favorite items of clothing.
1) Yellow pajamas. These are her favorites. When its not bedtime, she snaps them on like a cape and won’t be parted from them.

2) Purple pants, she loves the print on these pants and would wear these every single day if I didn’t hide them.

3) Pink vinyl diaper cover with tears in it. These are the cheapest lousiest diaper covers invented (left over from A, little A discovered this in storage and it was love at first sight). She calls it her “colors” diaper cover. Who wants a comfy white diaper cover when there is a cheap hot pink one available?


Stacy said...

Eli is attached to his Little Einsteins pajamas and would wear them all the time.
Can you send me that picture of the girls dancing?

Becky and the Boys said...

Wow! I didn't know you were expecting! I am due 6/26 with another boy. I also don't think I knew that you had served a mission! I knew you were a neat lady!!!