Friday, November 14, 2008

words from my kids

J said this morning, if I meet Joseph Smith in the spirit world, guess what I am going to tell him? That we had a movie about him and his wife Emma at our house!

AJ is a pretty patriotic 6 year old. She really enjoyed the veterans day program at her school this week. It was one of the few times I got to hear any comments about school besides how recess went. She told all about the four visitors and the different jobs they had done in the military. She also likes the daily pledge of allegiance and Mondays, when they sing the national anthem during announcements. She often has short prayers where she prays for nothing but our family and the soldiers.

Every night before bed I have AJ and J read a book to me. little A doesn't like to be read to, but she spends lots of time pretending to read herself. She moves her finger across the pages and pretends to sound out words "ah-ah-uh-oh". She looks up at me like "see mom, its not hard at all!" Last night J read the book "I See". Little A picked up a board book, began pointing and with great pride and satisfaction and said "I-see-see!"

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Stacy said...

I didn't even hear about that from Evelyn.
What Josh said is really funny!