Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My baby just turned 15 months old and I think she wants to be a toddler now. She started talking and walking all at once. I decided the newly walking stage is one of the cutest things ever. I am also amazed by the words that kids learn. My little one doesn't say too many words really clearly, but she can say "baby", "ball", "hi" and this weekend she learned "i-pod". It was so funny, grandpa held her on his lap and let her listen to some songs on his i-pod and she just curled up and listened with so much delight. Later she saw an i-pod commercial come on tv and she ran up to the screen which she has ignored all her life and started yelling "pod!, pod!, pod!". The first thing she said upon waking the next day was "pod" because she saw mine sitting on my nightstand.

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Stacy said...

I didn't miss you birthday, did I? Isn't on election day?
That looks good, but I think I'd have to watch you make it to be able to do it myself.