Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Day of School

He was soooo excited to start school he couldn't sleep and woke up very early, he hated waiting the extra half hour after dropping big sister off to go. Sister has already had a year of school, so it wasn't quite as big of a milestone, but for him this day was huge. His hair was pretty crazy, its too long to wear spikey now, but for this one day we let him do it anyway.

Okay, she was excited too. The big excitement of the first day was RECESS! She has spent every recess since school started on the monkey bars. When we ask about school that's usually what she mentions. Today was my first day of school, I got to volunteer in the class for half the day, I really loved it.

I helped the kids with writing and drawing. I noticed that all the girls are wayyyyy ahead of all the boys.

This picture made me laugh. I thought I was taking the baby's picture, but as it turns out I got "Samurai Jaxson" instead.

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