Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ideas for LDS Cub Scouts to earn Webelos and Arrow of Light in one Year.

Earning the Arrow of Light has four core adventures.  They repeat the core requirements of the Webelos badge, so doing ALL the Webelos and ALL the AOL core each year wouldn’t give a well rounded program for your boys, however, I wouldn’t want to discourage boys from still earning the Arrow of Light because many boys are motivated to do so.

So, during a one year cycle, a Webelos den leader could teach
5 Webelos core adventures
5 electives,
1 AOL core and perhaps a geocaching activity. (Building a Better World, partial Camper). 

This is enough to support and encourage boys to do the rest, but it leaves time open for the other boys to get a good variety of belt loops rather than repeating the core topics twice in one year. 

This would leave the aspiring Arrow of Light scouter to do Duty to God in Action 2 and Scouting adventure during personal time.  The den leaders might work with ward leaders to help the boys plan when to visit a scout troop and to finish camper on a ward or family campout or outdoor activity.  (This is in addition to the walkabout used for the Webelos core requirements)

How to help it happen:

Scout will have to attend all den meetings!

Work with 11-year old scout leader to plan in advance when the boys can go to a scout meeting.  Have a special day (like a Saturday) to do the entire scouting adventure core for any boys who have completed the rest of the Arrow of Light requirements.

Work with ward to earn camper at June Priesthood campout, ward campout, or if the ward doesn’t have a family type camp, do partial camper including geocaching and planning a program and send the rest home as homework including the campout.

During the six months where Faith in God 1 is NOT taught send home Faith in God 2 as homework.  Send home one elective as homework if needed.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fun Ways To Learn/Memorize the Scout Law

Below are labels to fold in half and staple on a snack bag full of either trail mix or M&M's.  These can be given as treats to new cub scouts at their orientation, it can be given at a den meeting, on a hike, or at a pack night.  If it is on a hike, the entire law can be memorized during the hike.  Just pick a treat and keep reciting that line until you get to say... the tall tree leaning sideways, or the mossy rock, or the bridge, etc.  Then choose another one.  If they like singing, the points fit to the tunes of Macarena or three blind mice.

Learning and memorizing aren't the same.  I really like the Trustworthy Tommy song which is on the back of these labels because it uses each point of the law in a simple sentence that can be discussed with even the very youngest scouter.  It can explain the meaning of the Scout Law in a basic way that won't be overwhelming to young new boys.  I would go over it once before starting to memorize the law.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

Cub Scout Adventure Requirements and Faith in God

Faith in God Tracking Sheet for Cub scouts
Scout's name:                                                         
See booklet for details on each activity
Earns Religious knot as a Bear
Learning and Living the Gospel                                          Age:
FHE sacrament renewing baptismal covenants

Wolf Duty to God 2.1
Joseph Smith FHE, answers to our prayers

Bear Adventure 1a
Learn to mark scriptures, Holy Ghost

A pack night on reverence
Read Prophets talk, decide how to follow

Webelos Duty to God and You 2.d
Give an opening and closing prayer

Wolf Duty to God 2.4
Tell about faith (Nephi building boat, Jaredites)

Wolf Duty to God 2.2
Read and Discuss the Word of Wisdom

Webelos Cast Iron Chef 2
Prepare a Pedigree chart, tell family history story

Bear Duty to God 1.1
Learn to sing "Choose the Right"

Wolf Duty to God 2.3
Create own learning and living the gospel activity

Visit a temple Wolf Duty to God 1.a
Serving Others
Good Samaritan, plan & complete service proj.

Wolf Council Fire 2.2
Write letter of appreciation to parent or teacher

Bear Grin and Bear it 5
List qualities you like in a person

A pack night on kindness
Plan, prepare, and serve a nutritious meal

Bear Picnic Basket
Entertain young children

Bear Grin and Bear it 3, Webelos Str, F, H 5
Learn/practice manners and courtesy

Pack night on courtesy
Plan and hold a parent child activity

Bear Necessities 6
12th article of faith- good citizen

Bear Paws 2a, more with AOL Building Better World 2
Help with a quarterly primary activity (pack night)

Bear Grin and Bear it 2 and AOL 9
Create your own service activity

Bear Paws for Action 3.2
Developing Talents
Learn to budget and save money

(Tithing) Wolf Coins (budget) AOL Bldng Btr Wrld 5
Sing, play, or lead a song from the Children's Songbook

Bear Necessities 2
Write a poem or short story about gospel creation

Wolf Howling at the moon 2
Bear Nec. 2
Create a piece of art (draw, sculpt, paint, etc.)

Wolf Duty to God 1.b
Bear Claws 3
Visit an art museum or a concert or play

Wolf Collections and hobbies 3
Read about improving study habits

Helping around home/obeying parents

A pack night on obedience
Plan and participate in a month long fitness program

Webelos Stronger, Faster, Higher
Learn/Practice good nutrition, health, grooming

Wolf running with the pack, 6 especially
or a pack night on a scout is clean.
Create your own activity to develop talents

Wolf Paws on the Path 1-6, Wolf Grow
Something, Bear Baloo the Builder
Preparing for the Priesthood
Do as a Webelos/AOL as part of Duty to God and You
Learn about the restoration of the Aaronic priesthood

Learn the purposes of the Aaronic priesthood

Talk with the Deacons quorum presidency

Learn about good education

Read the Family Proclamation to the world

Record your testimony

Memorize and recite the Articles of Faith

12 13

Primary Program for Webelos Duty to God 2 a,b,c?
Memorize Article of faith for Webelos Duty to God and you 2.d?
Record Testimony, read scriptures, pray daily, live My Gospel Standards AOL Duty to God in Action