Tuesday, October 25, 2016

P is for painting pumpkins preschool day

We did modge podge pumpkins first, using cartoon eyes and pumpkin mouths.  They painted the face area of the pumpkin white with regular modge podge, stuck on a face, and then painted over that.  If the paper wouldn't mold to the pumpkin I had some watered down modgepodge they could use to paint it flat.  You can draw faces or mouths with sharpie on paper and cut it out or use computer clip art.  ( I like to put a bit of orange around the eye and mouth clip art so I don't have to cut very carefully.)

SInce it was P day I had colored polka dots they could "paint" onto their pumpkins as well while I helped the other kids.  I cut out the mouths and noses and teeth in advance and did a quick cut on the eyes.  After they picked a set of eyes, I cut it a bit more carefully for them to glue on.  I stuck  them in my dehydrator to get them to dry faster, that is cheating, but I like to have things dry at the end when parents come.

the boys pumpkins were scary

the girls pumpkins were happy.

The Nursery Rhyme of the day was "This Little Piggy" and "Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater" which have cute songs online.
We read lots of books, but these were the letter P books.  We have mostly girls, so I HAD to do pinkalicious.
Since this is the week of Halloween we talked about Halloween Costumes and watched my favorite halloween book
(it is a flash movie, so won't work on my iPad, so sad).  I always turn down the volume and narrate it myself to make it more entertaining.
Then we had popcorn for our snack.  

Here is our coloring page.

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