Wednesday, July 22, 2015

PTA Reflections Program is coming up!

updated this post for 2017...

Within Reach:
Topics that could have to do with "within reach": 
hopes for the world, country, neighborhood, school, and family
Personal Achievements , Family achievements, Personal Hopes, goals, dreams.  Stories or people you find inspirational.  Ways you hope to influence family, friends, neighbors, country, or the world.

1) Some things don’t seem within reach, but I proved that _____________________ is possible to do or see, here is a picture/story/song dance about doing or seeing it.
Example: me and my brother getting along with each other

I think making a difference is within my reach.  I helped ______________________ by _______________________, here is a picture/story/song dance about that it
I helped my neighbor plant her garden and she shared it with the whole neighborhood!

I believe ___________________ is possible and within reach because _________________________, here is a picture/song/dance.
Example: I think a cleaner environment is within reach.  My family donates and plants a new tree in our city each year.

Something I can achieve with my unique talents and skills is ________ here is a picture/story/song/dance about it.
 Example:  I am selling peaches at the Farmer's market to save up money for horse camp.

I can make my goal more possible by doing this:_______________, here is a picture/story/song dance about it.
I want to be a ballerina some day, right now I know my goal is in reach by working hard in ballet.  This picture of my class stretching reminds me of what I hope to reach someday.
If something doesn’t seem within reach, we can look for things that are.

Here is my best attempt at explaining how to enter, there is a great one page rules summary online that would be perfect in addition to this:


Cheryl Klehm said...

I love your flier, great job!!!! I am Reflections chair & am making a flier. Where did you get your clip art from? I am assuming you did it yourself but just had to ask :)

Cheryl Klehm said...

I love your Reflections flier! It is AWESOME! I am the Reflections chair at a school in CA & in the process of making the flier. Where did you get your clip art from? I am assuming you did it yourself but I thought I'd ask. Great Job!

Regina said...

I doodled this art myself last year right after printing last year's reflections flyers which I got from the state PTA. My daughter said "Mom, no one is going to read those! I said how about if it was all visual and they didn't have to read? She asked how I would do it and this is what I came up with. She said it was much better!

Michelle Munn said...

Awesome ! May I use? I'M terrible with computer stuff.

Regina said...

Sure, feel free to use them. If you use ones with dates on them, you can just white it out and write in your own info!

Miss Mary Schroeder said...

This is amazing! Could I use them at my school?

Regina said...

Thanks for positive feedback, you are welcome to use this