Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Soccer Cheers

Soccer season is upon us, so here is a little fun for soccer moms everywhere.  First grade girls team and a fifth/sixth grade girls team.

Easy Cheer
Go (start soft and get louder) Larks!

Cupcakes Cheer
Cupcakes, candy, yum, yum, yum!
We love soccer, run, run, run!
Go Larks!

Cookie Cheer
Fluffy Cookies, squishy crackers
We all really love soccer!

Silly sound Cheer
l-d-r-l-d-r-l-d-r-l-d-r-l-d-r-l-d-r-, huh! (sound made by sticking tongue in and out)

our favorite:
Dogs Cheer
Who let the Larks out?
Tweet  TweetTweetTweet. Tweet TweetTweetTweet!

Older girls, less is more:

Lets go Burn

Burn it up

Gooooo Burn

Hot, hot, hot! tsssss!

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