Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kindergarten Craft Sale: Yoda Finger Puppets

On the last day of kindergarten the kids do a kindergarten store. The idea is to help the kids learn how money works. They all bring 10 homemade things labeled 5 cents each. They all bring 50 pennies and go shopping. Then they come home with 10 new things.

I LOVE this because kindergarten crafts are so fun to do. Last year AJ came up with the idea of jeweled fairy wands and pretty much made them herself. This year J came up with the idea of doing origami yoda finger puppets. I asked if we could do them colored and he thought that was cool.

However, some googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and scraps of green fleece started calling my name and we just had to make fleece finger puppets too. J sold packages with one origami and one fleece puppet in each and had a great time. J came home with these homemade items-silly putty, a block with Star Wars Lego pictures on it, playdough, a transformer ring, a bracelet, a homemade rainbow crayon, a beaded lizard, and I forget what else.

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