Monday, December 21, 2009

Festival of Trees

We had a great time at the festival of trees and lots of the trees made us think of you...

The "Christmas League", Justice League for Tyler

Have a "Regular" Christmas, for the unamed relative who loves this sort of joke...

This Star Wars Tree was going for $13,000 and we thought that was a deal...
Look at the sparkle in J's eyes

Andrea back in the single days...

I liked this one, reminds me of Mom's snowman trees

REAL soccer: for David, Sarah, DH, and me.
PS. Woohoo, Salt Lake finally wins a national championship go REAL!!!! We were looking for this tree, we knew it had to be there.

This tree reminds me of DH and Liss they both like this movie, "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Look close, the tree in the above picture is upside down! This gingerbread house is Jack's house from Nightmare Before Christmas, amazing!

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