Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Tooth

I can't believe it, he is only three months old, but that tooth is IN and I swear the one next to it is coming in too.

No, you can't see it in the picture, but I liked the picture of him smiling...


Pear Salad

AJ aspires to be a food artist, she looks forward to designing a beautiful salad every night and is disappointed if I don't have enough toppings for her craft...

Preschool Project

Preschool Project

Beauty is...

2009 Reflections Contest

AJ "Beauty is: Fairies, they have gorgeous wings and are magical and stuff..."
First place k-2nd grade. She also won first place in literature. Congrats!

J "Beauty is: Yoda" probably not a legal entry, but all he can think about is Star Wars right now.

These pears are beautiful to me. They were canned just the hour when they reached perfectly ripe, with the peals still on, in a water and stevia syrup. So they are a wholefood with no sugar added and they taste like fresh pears instead of sugar water, yummy!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Our first salad

I told the kids that my goal this month was to serve salad at dinner every night. They said "eew yuck!"

So the first salad had me ready to go to battle, but as it turns out, no one complained. Little AP had seconds and thirds. I gave her a tiny bowl to start with I was so nervous she would hate it. Thankfully, my family likes salad just fine. AJ our picky eater doesn't use dressing, but she eats the salad. Yay! (Yes, that is a blenderful of green smoothie in the background.) I keep the lettuce and veggies separate like restaurants do so everyone gets some.

Fall Hike-Maple Canyon

This is a family tradition of sorts. We fell in love with fall colors when we lived in Logan. Anyway, we've done "the fall drive" the last few years with little kids, but this year we did the real thing and it was a lot of fun. The kids favorite part was picking up acorns, which you can only do in the fall. Dad came too, he is the photographer, nice job Dad.

AJ's birthday photo-journal

I chose a peach and spinach smoothie for breakfast

Since mom is documenting smoothie stuff, we pose with a number 7 candle. Smoothies are good for 7-year olds.

Add this one to your blog mom, please!

The rest of my birthday breakfast is cornbread muffins, Yum!

Then I watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and hold my baby brother.

After church, we add the finishing touches to my ice cream cake. We call it the "Leaning Tower O' Cake"

It is an ice cream cake with oreo ice cream, cookie dough ice cream, ganache, reeses peanut butter cups, and sixlets. I've been planning this cake since June. Mom says its totally not on her diet, but she eats some anyway. I used the leftover ganache on strawberries from the garden. So fancy!