Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love two year olds

Look Mom! Ink! (our carpet will never be the same)
I'm washing my hands!

"P" is for popcorn, having fun while the big kids are at school.

Little AP is such a super cute 2 year old. I love her big one dimpled smile. She has really perfected the art of the coy smile as well. Along with that, she has developed some cutesie words to express herself with. She can say the real ones, but prefers to be original.
Wadi wadi=water
bookley book=book
blubbley bubbles=bubbles
ploopley poop= you guess...

In the bathtub, “Ma wants more wadi wadi and blubbley bubbles *coy smile*”
At bedtime, “bookley book, read it? *smile, bats eyes*”
In an emergency, “I need to go ploopley poop!”
When mom is busy and she wants sister to help, she summons, “Sillymiiiiillya!”


Becky and the Boys said...

Adorable - and how can she be two already!?

Stacy said...

Oh, the ink! That's terrible! Good thing you never got that new carpet...

Just Me said...

Ink on the carpet probably wouldn't be something that would bring a sense of "harmony" to me. I love how you can smile at things.
She does have a disarming smile doesn't she! :)