Friday, July 10, 2009

Well endowed

On Monday, we went to the Oquirr Mountain Temple openhouse. It was a little hectic getting out the door, and it wasn't until we arrived at the temple that we noticed that little AP had stuffed her dress with nursing pads. She's been watching me close this week... We took the pads away and she fussed "my bra!!!! my bra!!!"

AJ has been waiting and waiting to hold the baby. She kept telling me he was going to be soooo cute and sure enough! He is.

This looks like J's smile when he came to pick me and the baby up from the hospital, he was so excited!

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Becky and the Boys said...

Love that story! I haven't let the boys hold baby yet. Hunter's been gone since baby came home, though. Kyler isn't to be trusted.