Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kid pics

Kindergarten store: This was the last week of kindergarten and a very cute activity. The kids were learning about money values. They each made ten homemade things and priced them 5cents each. They brought 50 pennies to school and got to buy 10 things from the other kids to take home. AJ made fairy wands. Thanks Stacy for the picture!
Kindergarten Graduation
A day at the park
J's last week of pre-school was "classic children's books". On Gingerbread Man day we decided to make our own at home.

AP is going through a phase where she doesn't like to wear clothes. She actually said "I'd rather not" (a phrase she overheard from her sister) when I came at her with clothes the other day. Then she ran around giggling "no thankyou, no thankyou, no thankyou!" However, she does like to wear glasses (like mommy) and to wear everyone elses shoes.

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