Wednesday, March 4, 2009

February 24, 2009: Missionary Night

I was asked to help present at a youth night about missionary work. I was supposed to tell about serving in the United States and especially about being a sister missionary.

Idaho Boise Mission: 2 hours from were I was living when I was called.

Idaho culture: Agricultural, pictures of Jerome county fair and Buhl corn pack.
The experience: 20 % of the people are members. You can go tracting and hope to get a drink at every fifth house! I did ride a bicycle in a few areas, but mostly I walked or shared a car with other missionaries. Most of the people I taught were spouses, children, or boyfriend/girlfriend of members. We had a baptism about every three weeks and averaged teaching discussions every other day.

Why I decided to be a sister missionary: I hadn’t always planned to be a missionary, but I had a strong, extremely persistent feeling that it was something I should pray about. When I did, the answer was a resounding yes!

Companions: I had 12 companions. 3 were from Mongolia. Much of my experience was influenced by these amazing sisters and learning about Mongolia and the how the church is growing in that small (population-wise) faraway country.

The food: Members fed us dinner almost every night. They were very generous, I will make dinner for anyone, I can never repay what I’ve been given. There were lots of delicious meals. Some of my favorite things were homemade breads, rolls, and cinnamon rolls and also corn on the cob in Buhl during the corn pack.

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