Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The story I wrote about Obama two years ago...

I was touched to see the historic moment of an african american being elected president. It hadn't really struck me how significant an event it would be until it happened. Anyway, in Februry 2006, I was writing a sci-fi story, there was a little blurb about a president. The rough outline called for a president named Joe (maybe Joe Biden, eh?), but when I actually wrote it, I used Barack Obama as the theoretical president, here is the quote:

Chapter Three
Deshawn Golightly had never even seen the President before, and now he was going to get a private interview.
“The President will see you now” announced a young aide in a crisp blue suit with lots of badges around her neck.
Deshawn, a short, young looking man with spiky straw-colored hair, followed sluggishly, struggling to be impressed by all the official mumbo jumbo he had passed through. Entering an unfamiliar conference room a handsome looking man with light brown skin and a winning smile rose to meet him.
“Hello” said the young spiky-haired man stepping forward unexpectedly and missing his cue to shake hands, “I am Deshawn Golightly and you are the President of the United States, I assume. You know I don’t normally make house calls on politicians, but your invitation intrigued me, so I thought I’d drop in. I guess since I haven’t done anything heroic lately to earn a Presidential Commendation, you probably called me in for a favor, so what can I do for you man?”
The President stared wide-eyed, the introduction he had planned on making still stuck in his throat. He had never been approached so casually in his entire political career. It felt good though. Deshawn was making this as easy as simply asking a next door neighbor to borrow a hammer. The president grinned, “Call me Barry, and yes there is something you could do for me.”
“That’s the spirit Barry. All those folks out there had me thinkin’ you were stuffy, but you seem alright man. So whacha want?”

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